Crimson - Ghost theme, with dropdown menu, for News and Magazine websites

Hello everyone,

As a small-time and new Ghost theme developer, I am happy to announce my 5th Ghost CMS theme -:sparkles: Crimson :sparkles:


I designed Crimson for news and magazine websites with content to publish frequently.

Dark Mode

Crimson comes with a dark mode. By default, it will be set to System, which will adapt to the visitor’s device setting. But you can easily change it to Light or Dark mode.

Editor’s Choice

I have also included an Editor’s Choice section to highlight outstanding articles.

Tag Section on Homepage

You can easily select which tags to show on the homepage via custom settings provided with the theme. These tags have three different layouts, as shown in the image below.


A custom page to show all authors.


A custom page to show all tags.


A custom archive page to list all published articles grouped by Month.

Dropdown Navigation

Crimson also supports dropdown navigation. You can easily add dropdown navigation from Navigation settings under the Ghost admin area.

Table of Content and Sticky Sign-Up form

I have also added a Table of Content and Sign Up form in posts. You can easily deactivate either or both by selecting the appropriate post template while publishing.

Contact Page

I have included a contact form for via Formspree. You can easily add your Formspree endpoint in the custom settings without changing the code.

Other Features

  • Crimson has a Trending News ticker at the top that visitors can close. It stores the value and does not show it again to that visitor.

  • It is fully translatable to different languages.

  • Easily select fonts from custom settings.

  • Support for latest next-gen image format including AVIF and WEBP.

  • 100/100 GScan Score and fully compatible with the latest version of Ghost CMS.


  • Built with Tailwind CSS and Vanilla Javascript

  • No external libraries, except tocbot for Table of Content on posts.

  • Easy to modify and do custom development

  • Based on Ghost Starter Template

Open for suggestions

Please feel free to let me know your suggestions.
Ask your questions in the forum.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my new theme. :pray:

:star:Buy Crimson

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VERY nice! Tastefully designed, with a number of good-to-have features.

I assume you are using different templates for the different post styles?

I like the option of having a sidebar or not. Question: How do you add widgets to the sidebar?

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Thank you for your kind words Bruce :pray:.

Yes, you can disable the sidebar, toc or both using different post templates.


For the widgets, we have a separate hbs file which can be edited to add more. Right now, theme comes only with a sticky subscription form in the sidebar.

I hope this helps.