Local news theme - Ghost Changelog

We've released a brand new Ghost theme for local news publishers that is free and ready to use.

The Headline theme takes a thoughtful approach to displaying large amounts of content across various areas of coverage, and can be adapted to showcase your most popular topics.

With a few small setting changes, Headline can be adapted to suit almost any style of news publication, so you can still make it your own.

Get started today by installing Headline on your Ghost site and taking it for a test drive.

Install Headline

It looks great! I only wish it had membership pages and an email signup in the footer - I’m not a huge fan of the Portal functionality.

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That should be an easy fix, though !

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Wow ! Nice ! A few months ago, I’ve let down the hours of work and headaches after unsuccessfully trying to create my news / political blog, entirely codding by myself. I understood that I had to let go, because I was wrongfully trying to be a webdev and a webmaster and a security specialist while all I want is to be a writer and journalist.

I’ve found ghost -what an idea you had to make a comparission article opposing medium and ghost ! The problem was that I was fed up with codding and I didn’t even want to code my template but none of the free templates or even paid ones was -in my opinion- adapted to journalism -rather than just blogging- AND light, spaced, easy to read.

That, ghost team, that is the smartest move you could do. At the top of the “to do” list. It looks exactly how I ilagined it !

I’ll have to take time for the transition, though. I’ve been forced to correct bugs, to improve adaptiveness and to custom Attila and I’m quite proud of it, even if it isn’t structured how I want.

Thanks !

This is it.
This is the theme I’ve been waiting for.

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I love the new theme! Congratulations to all!

I would like to take this opportunity and suggest some ideas:

  • Dark Mode (following user pattern)
  • Translation of the theme into other languages (my blog is in Portuguese and the term “LATEST” was on the cover)
  • Option for the article excerpt to be the article itself.

Hello all,

I like the look of this but was wondering if someone could guide me about if it has three things that I can’t seem to tell from the demo, but don’t know if they’re possibly hidden elsewhere.

  1. Does this theme support memberships/subscription tiers integration with Stripe or is it strictly for free newsletters and email-only signups?
  2. Is there a search function?
  3. Is there an option to display multiple authors?

A 4th question but not entirely important is: Is there a dark mode switch?

Thank you for your help.

It’s a fully-english theme… you probably have more than “latest” on your font page !
I entirely traduced it to french. French will not help you but as the theme doesn’t use ghost’s translation system and I wanted to do it the right way, I added it to the theme rather than just translating all the files directly.
If you want, I can provide you a link to my github fork so you can download it and edit the translation using the JSON that I made. I’ll also add yours to my fork so portugese users will be able to use your translated file.

I’m interested by your git :slight_smile:

Here it is. I hope that it won’t bother the authors.
=> My fork of Journal

Thanks! We can speak French too.
Is the Journal the fork translation of headline theme ?
Merci, je découvre Ghost. J’ai eu un peu de mal à installer une version locale à cause d’une version de Node Js pas adaptée. Quand j’installe 16, j’ai des erreurs (sqlite3…) mais avec la 14 RAS.

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Haha parfait ! le français mérite que l’on s’en serve ! :smiley:

Je ne peux pas t’aider, malheureusement… je ne suis pas un expert mais juste un bricoleur. Si ça avait éte lié au thème, j’aurais peut-être pu te donner des réponses mais je ne connais pas bien node.

Tu as essayé de mettre Ghost à jour ?

J’ai mis à jour Ghost.
Toujours le même résultat.
Tu as fais la traduction du template Headline ?

Traduction de Headline :


Super ! Un énorme MERCI :pray:

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Any idea about how to add table of content to post ?

Thank you, Greg! I use Ghost Pro and I can’t edit the theme.

I need to wait for them to give this translation functionality in the theme settings.

My plesure !
That being said, you should be able to edit it… I’ve been building my site during Ghost’s trial period. You should be able to upload a theme but you can also dowload it by clicking on the three dots next to it :slight_smile:

It’s a bit annoying, but you can do it manually using anchor links. Here’s an example: SEO Basics for Maker Businesses | Workshop Magazine

Thanks for your answer.
Indeed , it’s a bit annoying and I really like a sticky aside table of content.
I will to set the ToC like the official tutorial by changing the variables name. And other things.
I maybe publish it if it works.