Currency Selection


Is there a way to show different currencies to users based on I.P address. I know ghost probably doesnt support this, but is there a possibility to make something like this on the backend?


Charge USD from all users except those in Europe, who will be charged in Euros.

@DavidDarnes Does the above commit that just landed mean there can be multiple currencies for different users ?

The commit you’ve referenced was from 3 months ago, and is for prefixing plan prices with their respective currency symbol. You can read more about it here:

Thanks. Is it possible to have different currencies for different users?

I’d be interested to know why you want that, managing multiple currencies sounds like a painful experience :sweat_smile:

So I have users from different regions - Europe, US & India mainly who I want to charge in their own local currency as I have been on Wordpress.

I want to show them pricing based on the region they come from so I was checking if this was possible. *Stripe can accept payment in any currency as long as the cms sends a request for that.


User From Anywhere in the World - $
User From India - INR
User From Europe - Euros.

@DavidDarnes Any possible method comes to mind?

I guess if PayPal can allow you to change in multiple currencies then you could use our PayPal integration as shown here: