Displaying user's native currency

Is there any way to show the user our subscription price in their native currency on the sign-up page?

I’ve already set up a new product in Stripe that allows the user to pay in their native currency. But when I go to edit the membership settings on Ghost, I don’t seem to have the option of having one payment tier with multiple currencies.

Multi-currency products are not possible at the moment - Ghost only supports charging for subscriptions in a single currency. Typically anyone can still purchase, even with a foreign card, and their bank will handle the currency conversion.

Important note: Creating new products in Stripe will not be linked to Ghost, and modifying existing products connected to Ghost in Stripe may break things. Approach with care :)


Thanks for answering my question. Are there any plans to develop multi-currency products in the future?

And in the meantime, do you have any advice on how we could circumvent this issue? Users are turned off paying for a subscription in a foreign currency as it suggests they might get slapped with a conversion fee from their bank.

We’d love to make multi-currency products possible in future for sure

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