Custom Admin Link Issue

Hey Community,

I created a custom admin link by customizing my config.production and now I am successfully redirected to my subdomain, but the problem is that everything is working fine but it refuses to connect in editing sections. I have attached a screenshot for reference.

This was working fine on my main link - but refuses to connect since I changed my config to a new link

This is my config file →

  "url": "https:/",
  "admin": {
    "url": ""
  "server": {
    "port": 2369,
    "host": ""

Important notes to consider :

  • When I open my subdomain( it shows default Nginx page, so I used Cloudflare redirect to point it to which holds the admin area after changing my configuration above.

  • I have set my subdomain by an A record pointing to the IP address of my server. What I have not done is configuring Nginx. This is reference information hope anyone finds any solution to why I am facing this.

I think the only thing that won’t work is the page you’re on. All of the other pages should work. You’re on the View site page which embeds Since it’s not the same domain as, your browser isn’t showing it

You can fix the view site screen by adjusting the X-Frame-Options header that your proxy is adding.


Thanks for the response!
I am a little confused about what setting " adjusting the `X-Frame-Options" is and where it is to be done?

yeah definitely I agree but what could be the solution, only if I could get a small tutorial to fix this!