Custom Home page for Paid-Members only (a la Rediverge)

Hey everyone! I’m working with a client who wants to create a custom Home page with a different view for logged-in paying members, similar to the way John has Rediverge setup:

View for non-members or logged-out members

View for logged-in members

I’ve seen the documentation for creating a custom Home page, but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how to implement this so that it only displays to paid-members who have logged into their accounts.

I’m guessing I’ll add the {{#if @paid-members}} // {{else}} helpers, but is there something else I need to do in order for Ghost to recognize the account status? How do I make the site automatically redirect to the members-only Home page when a user logs in with a paid-account?

I’m sorry if this seems like a really basic problem, I’m very new to Handlebars and coding in general. Trying to learn my way through this project so I can get the site off the ground.

Site details:

Theme: Nurui v. 3.0.2 (customized)

Assuming that the header and footer will stay the same and assuming you know how to use the if argument for members, perhaps modifying the content of the existing home page could be an option?

That way you don’t have to deal with creating re-directs and what not?