Can we show another homepage when user is logged in?

Hi folks! I’m using Ghost 4.7.0 on my website: powernap school | treinamentos de soft skills

The theme I’m using is this: Nikko (

It has several different index.hbs formats. I was wondering if it’s possible to show for the user a different home page when she’s logged in. Could you please help me with that?

With best regards,

Yes! You can use the index.hbs as a “router” to conditionally render a partial depending on the context - eg.

{{#if @member.paid}}
  {{!-- partials/index-paid-member.hbs --}}
  {{> index-paid-member}}
{{#else if @member}}
  {{!-- partials/index-member.hbs --}}
  {{> index-member}}
  {{!-- partials/index-non-member.hbs --}}
  {{> index-non-member}}