Custom integrations


I’m looking documentation for building custom integrations. I’d like to create a custom integration so we can provide a link from our site and have it work just like the Youtube or Flickr integrations pulling in content from our APIs to display images and some extra data.

Any thoughts on this? I’d like to avoid building the ghost backend ourselves.

Thanks, Jeremy

Hi Jeremy, this works automatically via oembed, so if you service supports oembed then it would work in Ghost.

Hi John,

Thanks. It looks like the only way to get this working is to actually get our service listed as an Oembed provider?

Or can we use link rel=“alternate” type=“application/json+oembed” href=“OEMBED_URL” ???

This method isn’t working for me currently.


Theoretically either should work, but ideally: both

Cc @Kevin ?

Both should work, the provider list slightly more efficient but the meta tag discovery method can be more flexible.

If it’s not working for you I would suggest reviewing your Ghost server logs.

Thanks. Yeah, I read through the docs and was still receiving this error:
ValidationError: No provider found for supplied URL in

Turns out it didn’t lime my host setup and I was able to trace to this error from the logs:
“Request made from incorrect origin. Expected ‘’ received ‘’.”

Anyways, putting this on a public server fixed it. Maybe the DNS lookup isn’t respecting my hosts file? Either way the issue is mostly solved.

Thanks again, Jeremy

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