Custom Logo In Ruby

How can I place my logo in ruby to show in the middle and increase the size for phones or both ( )
and how can I add a custom image on the front page?
@minimaluminium please help man !!

You would need some CSS customization for the logo placement and sizing. The most straightforward way would be putting the CSS in “Code injection > Site Header” field.

    .navbar-left {
        order: 2;
        text-align: center;

    .logo {
        margin-right: 0;

    .logo-image {
        max-height: 50px; /* Increased from default 40px */

    .main-menu {
        order: 1;
        flex: 2;

    .navbar-right {
        order: 3;

For the custom image on the homepage, you can do something like that in index.hbs. And use your publication cover image field to upload the file.

{{!< default}}

<div class="container">
    {{!-- This is the only change in the file --}}
    <img src="{{@site.cover_image}}" alt="{{@site.title}}">    

    {{> list}}