Custom metadata for custom route/page


I did create 3 custom pages that wasn’t created from the Ghost dashboard but how can I set the metadata for those pages?

Like a way to check the current route from the default.hbs and inject directly metadata for that custom page.

I am using Ghost 3.0.3


Can anyone help me please?

You Can Create New Page In Your Theme, For Example page-about.hbs, create a new page from backend and point this page to your new page.

If I create a new page in the dashboard and set the url to /page-about it will take the page created in the dashboard and not the file created as page-about.hbs

You Have To Create “page-about.hbs” file In Your Theme Directory Manually.

I did a research and you were missing something because you said to point the page created in dashboard to the physical file and I was pointing /page-about and it was only /about + ghost restart but you were right!

Now I can add my meta and other stuff from there, thank you :slight_smile:

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