Custom pagination not work on next page, but default pagination worked on next page

Example FAQ page

{{#get "posts" filter="tag:faq" limit=@config.posts_per_page order="published_at desc"}} {{#foreach posts visibility="all"}} {{/foreach}} {{pagination}} {{/get}}
  1. Run on as default pagination template. First page - Ok, second page - Ok.
  2. Create custom pagination.hbs like default
  3. Run on custom pagination.hbs. First page - Ok, second page - not ok (blank #get)

In my understanding, the work of the pagination element based on the base component in the get helper should not work.

If a pagination component based on a base pagination.hbs file works in the get helper, but a custom pagination.hbs file does not work in the get helper. I believe that this is a bug, or a feature of the work not described in the documentation.

Maybe someone can tell me why this is happening.
I couldn’t get a clear explanation from the development team…

I think the explanation you received on GitHub covered all the bases: pagination and get aren’t compatible.

I just set up a test instance with the default pagination helper and get. The pagination helper changes within the context of a get request, but it doesn’t ultimately work as it can’t ever serve the next page of results (among other things).

In this situation, you want to reach for dynamic routing.