How to access the page number in handlebar template?

I added route configuration like below,

routing is work nicely. but i want to access the dynamic page number on #get helper like below,

But it doesn’t work. Can anyone help me to solve this problem ?

Pagination is covered in the Get Helper docs and the pagination docs linked from there:

@markstos I can’t find pagination thing as you said in that page. Can you mention the section which is contain your solution ?

In the section Block Parameters, the word pagination is linked.

@markstos Thanks for the response.

I tried that through pagination object like below,

{{#get "posts" filter="primary_tag:resource" order="published_at desc" as |posts pages|}}
      {{#if posts}}
             {{#foreach posts}}<li><a href="{{url}}">{{title}}</a></li>{{/foreach}}

When i enter URL as “/resources/page/1/” it will print 1. Also, when i enter URL as “/resources/page/2/” it will print 1. page number not changed. It always prints 1.

I tried with pagination helper. Same issue happened. It was load always 1st page.