Custom storage adapter documentation is incomplete

According to an old message of Hannah, issues on official documentation should be mentioned int he forum. I hope here is the correct category.

Custom storage documentation is incomplete. It suggests to implement BaseAdapter from ghost-storage-base but this doesn’t fulfil requirements of import manager. As a result currently most of the custom adapters breaks importing files with import-manager: Custom adapter error when importing zip · Issue #16530 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

Anyone knows how to implement a proper custom storage that works with latest versions?

Try contacting any of the custom storage adapter authors and ask them to improve their docs.

I checked out the issue you linked to, and it’s not clear that it’s describing a bug in Ghost or the storage adapters or a possible misconfiguration.

The error “Can’t read property of undefined” sounds it’s like it’s trying to read a configuration property but that configuration property is missing or has the wrong name or location.

Hi markstos,

Let me try to write more clear: We have an official documentation that explains how to create a custom storage adapter here: Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs

If you check documentation, it says you need to implement BaseAdapter. But apparently last year a changed made on Ghost importer that requires a new property on storage adapter: Reduced urlUtils dependency in ImageHandler · TryGhost/Ghost@6c9e046 · GitHub But this is not documented and still not part of BaseAdapter. So now most of the custom storage adapters breaks zip file importing, because of that change.

So now we need to clarify how to make a custom adapter that works properly after this change. And I think the best approach is updating the documentation accordingly.

I hope it’s more clear now.

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