Where is the official documentation and how can someone contribute?

When I go to https://ghost.org/docs I see on the right top corner a GitHub logo with “v4.9.4” as a link.

Does that mean the documentation is only referring to this ghost version?

Where can I add changes to the docs?
I found an old archived repo but can not find anything related to the docs now.

How up to date are the docs right now with the 4.17 release?

Hey :wave: the documentation is currently a closed system, if you spot issues you can always raise them here on the forum and we’ll get them fixed.

We always strive to keep the docs updated with each new feature release and change, so they should be up-to-date. Features that are in beta are not usually documented yet as they are still subject to change.

Regarding the version number - the little service that keeps that number updated is borked & we’re working on fixing it right now. Thanks for pointing it out!