Customization, add additional assets types when creating/updating posts ( dynamic menu customizations on cards and snippets )


i have searched over the developer doc on themes / integrations but can’t quite get to this exactly.

when we create/edit a new post, and click on the “circle+” sign, there is a list of assets we can add, like this :

what are these items called ? posts assets ? i want to get the official naming / definition on these items so that i can search for this in the developer doc more precisely.

or, does anyone has any idea how to customize this list of “assets” ?

So far, I’ve just seen them referred to as “cards”.

I’d also be interested to know if it’s possible to create more options.

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thanks for your reply, the link you attached is very helpful, at least for now i know that the subjects are named “dynamic menu” / “cards” / “snippets”. i have therefore updated the subject accordingly.

i’ll do some more searches based on these hints and update any findings i got under this thread.

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can’t find where to add customized “cards” yet, but adding custom snippets can easily be done like this :

just wished that the Ghost doc can get more organized and easier to get feature demo like this.

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Thanks! I’ll have to try this out.

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