Customizing reading_time default text

The documentation says:

By default the helper will render a text like this:

  • x min read for estimated reading time longer than one minute
  • 1 min read for estimated reading time shorter than or equal to one minute

You can override the default text.

Except no guidance is provided on how to actually do it.

Any pointers, please, on how to override the default text?

NB: Please note that I’m referring to the text, not the calculated reading time value. Thanks.

You’re right, looks like the docs are missing that :grimacing:

Try using minute and minutes as params - e.g.

{{reading_time minute="takes a hot minute" minutes="takes % minutes"}}

Works like a charm!

Thanks a lot.

Thanks for highlighting this @georgeappiah and @vikaspotluri123, we’ve documented whats possible with the reading_time helper in this tutorial:

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