Customze ghost theme

How can i customize themes in a way where i can grab each post and customize it. when i run for loop for all posts they are displayed in a predefined style and i am unable to grab each posts individually by their id.

Hi @Saugat1984! Are you wanting to customise the post item in the main post list view? You could use the post slug as a class name in the theme code and use that to uniquely style each post. You can find more information about the post slug attribute here in our docs:

No i was trying to customize the index page in a specific format and loop through certain individual sections of the page and render it. i apologize if the question has been unclear i will try to explain in better if u did not get the question properly.

Would you mind explaining in more detail? I’m not sure what ‘sections’ you are referring to :slight_smile:

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I want to design a index page where the blog posts have been divided into different sections like
1.Editors pick
2.Latest Post
3. Instagram posts.

I want to design the page in a way so that i can post the posts to these specific tags and the post gets rendered under the desired section of the webpage. posts from the different section i mentioned above has also been styled in a different grid view.

I think the theme below will be a great example for what in have been trying to explain.

I see, thanks for explaining further. Editors pick could be done with the “feature post” option in posts but Instagram posts will have to be brought in using some kind of JavaScript library. How familiar are you with front-end coding? For this kind of complexity you may benefit from using an existing theme that will get you most of the way there, like the one you linked to which is available to buy here:

You could also get in touch with developers that can help you to build out these features.