Dark on desktop light on mobile

I have dark mode on Casper theme. On desktop it shows fine, on mobile though it shows light mode and inverts site description color to black so it’s unreadable on the background.

The inverse happens when I switch to light mode. On desktop it shows light theme and on mobile dark theme and again on mobile the site description text switched to black.

How do I fix this?

adding the class “dark-mode” to your html element manually shows the correct behavior. Maybe you fixed it already? :) Or maybe whatever approach you’re using to get dark mode (I didn’t see a slider and it didn’t respond to my phone settings) has an error?

Where do I add the dark-mode? And how? I don’t understand.
I did not fix it. It’s still the same.

Please someone help me?

I took a quick look at your site yesterday and didn’t see any dark mode behavior on mobile or desktop. Everything looked fine for light mode. When I added the dark-mode class, everything looked fine in dark mode. I switched my phone and computer to dark mode, but your site didn’t auto switch. So I’m not sure what behavior you’re seeing. Casper has the styles set up to do dark mode if the class is added, but I don’t think it automatically adds the class for you. (I could be wrong. I don’t have time today to dig into the theme’s code – too much paid work.) It could also be and Android or Mac thing. I don’t have either available for testing.

If you want help, you might try posting detailed screenshots illustrating the behavior. It’s hard to help with a problem that one can’t replicate.

This is what I see on my mobile brave browser:

Menu open:

And this is with light mode on desktop brave browser:


Safari looks good:

But menu open is broken:

Chrome the same as safari, good but menu broken

Anyone could help me please???