Dawn Ghost theme -- where to look for customizations?


I made an earlier post about a few questions I had, and I had one more, but since it’s a little different, I wanted to make a separate topic about it.

So, here’s my website: snkjay.com
It’s very beta right now, I still have to add graphics, get things working, etc.

But on that last part, the headers “Articles” “Newsletters” and “Book Summaries” have errors right now. My plan was to link each header to a page that would list the current “articles” or current “book summaries” I’ve written on the website.

For modifications like that, or just the default options in this “Dawn theme” I’ve looked at the official documentation (Dawn Ghost Theme Documentation - IVEEL) but I’m still confused on how to work with it for my needs specifically.

Is this the right place to ask this? I am very much a newbie at node.js and coding in general, but I’m willing to learn online and see what others have done. For now, after I fix those headers leading to pages that list what I wanted for each feature, I’ll polish up the website with some graphics, edit the about page, and I’ll be good to go for using it publically.

How would I go about doing what I want to do with my website? If it’s wrong to give a direct answer to this, is there a place I could be pointed to for how to manipulate the Dawn theme specifically? Love it, but just wanted to add some modifications here and there. I read the documentation but I did get lost on how to configure the headers like I said.

Thanks for reading!

Go to this page in the admin dashboard of your website to configure the items in your navigation menu. You can link to a post, a page or a tag. I would recommend reading the official Ghost documentation (not the documentation for the theme). The question you asked in your other post is also answered in that documentation. The big “Subscribe” button at the bottom of your website can be removed by going to this page and clicking the toggle on the left that says “Show Portal button”.

And the errors you are seeing (404) are because those links in the nav menu go to pages that don’t exist. You’ll need to create them.

Thank you so much! I’ll do more reading on that, on the official documentation.

My plan was to create a page for the “Articles” header to be one that lists all the posts I’ve made, outside of the newsletter. The newsletter header would link to the page that asks the user for the email and all, that I’ll figure out on the portal and reading the documentation.

So, for getting rid of the 404 error and creating a page that can list all the posts (for the article header) I’ll read the documentation, but do you know if that is an easy thing to do or would it require coding?

It won’t require any coding. Once you’ve read the documentation, you should have no difficulty whatsoever :slightly_smiling_face:

To link “Articles” in your nav menu to a list of all posts tagged as “articles” (you’ll need to create that tag) you’ll just use this: https://www.snkjay.com/tag/articles

That link will currently show as a 404 error (page not found) but the page will be automatically generated when you create a tag and associate it with one or more posts on your site.

Ah thanks! I’ll touch back later if I have issues, and let myself do more research before asking.

Thanks again!

You’re very welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

Yup, I marked this as a solution, thanks! I’m thankful you were nice about helping me on these basic things I could’ve looked up (but didn’t know how). Thanks again!

I was able to figure out the tags thing, I wasn’t able to get rid of the # part, but I think if I keep reading I’ll figure it out. Thanks!

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