How to fix: “ Some page features used by Ghost via the {{@page}} global are not implemented in this theme.”

Some page features used by Ghost via the {{@page}} global are not implemented in this theme. Find more information about the {{@page}} global here.

Affected files:
  • page.hbs: @page.show_title_and_feature_image is not used

It’s harmless. Your theme just hasn’t been updated for a feature that’s being released. Just click continue and everything will work fine!

To fix the warning…

go to your existing themes page.hbs template & wrap the header with following

 {{#match @page.show_title_and_feature_image}}
  //original header goes here

with the above code block, you could hide the title & feature image of a page to transform that into a landing page.

here is the example used in Casper’s theme

{{#match @page.show_title_and_feature_image}}
        <header class="article-header gh-canvas">

            <h1 class="article-title">{{title}}</h1>

            {{#if feature_image}}
                <figure class="article-image">
                    {{!-- This is a responsive image, it loads different sizes depending on device
                        srcset="{{img_url feature_image size="s"}} 300w,
                                {{img_url feature_image size="m"}} 600w,
                                {{img_url feature_image size="l"}} 1000w,
                                {{img_url feature_image size="xl"}} 2000w"
                        sizes="(min-width: 1400px) 1400px, 92vw"
                        src="{{img_url feature_image size="xl"}}"
                        alt="{{#if feature_image_alt}}{{feature_image_alt}}{{else}}{{title}}{{/if}}"
                    {{#if feature_image_caption}}


More information about this feature Build better landing pages

Thanks for the solution. I fixed casper using your provided tags. But confused in dawn.

I am using dawn 1.0.0, I can not update becuase I have backup in it. I don’t know how. page.hbs has no header. It has only this.

{{!< default}}

<main class="site-main">

        {{> "content" width="wide"}}


I think it should go to default.hbs leme try that.

See it called a partial called content which you will find under the partial/content.hbs containing the <header>.

I edited the default one. I will change that. Thanks