Default texts to use in theme?

Hi guys, I’m new here and new using ghost.

Long time I found a beautiful theme in github, but the problem is, theme has a lot chinese words in theme files (plain text), so I want to know if there are default tags to replace those chinese words, like “previous”, “next”, “post” etc.

if yes, where can I see a list of these tags?

ps. sorry for my english :roll_eyes:

The texts can be different for each theme, but you can see a Chinese example translating the default Casper theme. For other texts there is of course Google Translate, etc.

See Theme translations and blog localisation for complete theme translation, including automatic dates, etc.

hi, thanks for answer,

I have been looking at files and I saw some “tags” like {{title}} wich print information, in this case the title of blog, do you know where are these definitions?, I don’t know anything about codes, but maybe I can get some and edited.

In the admin section, for example the title at > Settings > General

See Change Publication Title & Description - Ghost

There are also post settings, etc. You can see the Using Ghost docs.

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