Definition of Members in Ghost Pro

It seems that the definition of member includes anyone who has registered on your publication (both free/paid).

My question was, what if a member was a paid user in the past but has subsequently cancelled. Will they be counted as members when Ghost Pro calculates how much I pay for the Pro service. From the support team, the answer was “yes” unless I manually delete them as a member from the portal.

Is there any easy/automated way of deleting members when they don’t have a paid subscription anymore. I don’t intend to have a free tier on my site.

I’m brand new to this so I’m shooting in the dark; this may already be the approach you’re taking. But, on your members page, maybe filtering by member status and then just deleting from there? Not automated but seems pretty straightforward unless you have tons and tons of people in this boat.

Also, I feel like you wouldn’t want to immediately delete them when you could push them toward paying again in future thru some kind of campaign…