Deleted posts coming back

I deleted some posts on our website for the blog part, and I checked if they were done, and this was all fine.

However, recently, I saw that all deleted posts came back, and I don’t know how.

Do you know if I should do some extra activities on the website? Do you have any suggestions?

How and where are you hosting your Ghost site?

I have seen inconsistencies like this on Ghost sites that ran in clusters, which Ghost doesn’t support:

Hi Jannis,
I’m not really sure it is about my hosting site since we deleted some other posts before, and it all worked out.
I consider this issue is totally about Ghost side because I cannot see my activities on that day on the History tab as well.
The weird thing is that Ghost didn’t show any errors or detect anything unusual.

I am just sharing my experience with you. I have seen the exact behaviour you are describing in a cluster setup.

Either way, without providing more information on your set up and some logs, it’s unlikely somebody will be able to help.

I suggest you try deleting a post again, take a look at the network request in your browser’s dev tools and post it here, along with any server logs you receive. Remove any secrets or passwords, of course, and tell us more about your hosting setup.

All of this is under the assumption that you’re self hosting. If you’re not, then it’s best to reach out to your hosting provider for logs.


Hello again,

I tried the method you suggested and observed for a while to see if there were any misconceptions again. However, it worked out this time somehow.

Thanks for the advice, Jannis. I guess you created an inspiration, and we are so glad for your help :grinning:

Have a good one!

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