Deploy a custom build to production, to integrate Revin (Stripe Tax Shield)


I’m trying to use Revin with Ghost to handle payments. It seems a few changes to Ghost’s source code is needed for that to work.

I explain my problem in detail below:

What is Revin?
A Stripe-based Merchant of Records service, who remit taxes worldwide.
They assign a dedicated Stripe account to each customer, perfect for Ghost.
You get Stripe keys, access to dashboard, API, etc.

Reason for fork.
Building a bridge between Ghost and Revin so that they can talk to each other.

Changes in fork.
Configure the Ghost Stripe object to pass an additional parameter.
To achieve that, the following file needs some tweaks …/ghost/stripe/lib/StripeAPI.js (github)
This ensures Revin can function as an intermediary between Ghost and Stripe.

Is a fork even necessary?
Any easier method to make the above changes after vanilla Ghost has been installed?
Maybe using npm or yarn?

Server specifications.

  • DigitalOcean Droplet
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS x64
More droplet specs.

$7/month droplet
1 GB RAM / 1 Intel CPU
1 TB Bandwidth

Why yet another thread on forks?

  • Ghost is now a monorepo, previous build instructions may not work (source).
  • Unlike previous threads on forks, files in ghost/core/ aren’t modified in this case.
  • Still no official documentation on deploying custom builds for production. Existing guides only reference local installations.

Any help is appreciated. Feel free to correct me, if any of my above assumptions are wrong. Let me know if I missed any existing documentation on this.