Job for Stripe Help

Looking for a developer to help with integration issues between ghost and stripe.

I have active users, stripe shows connected. But webhooks sent to my site result in 401. Logs show issues with signature. Help is resolving issue with causing issues to current members.

Is your Ghost instance correctly configured with a domain name and an active SSL certificate? Stripe will not work unless it is

Yep. Domain/SSL all ok. it was working fine, I have members. There seems to be an issue when you create 2nd instances of ghost. In terms of endpoints and the keys created.
As it stands I have users that were the webhooks are failing due to this. I think a small piece of help/consultancy from someone would help.

I would also be willing to exchange this for some technical writing on the matter for the community :smiley:

Ok - you can only map 1 ghost instance to 1 stripe account, so it would definitely be an issue if you’re doing multiples of either.

Stripe has an explicit requirement on this:

You must use separate Stripe accounts for projects, websites, or businesses that operate independently from one another.

Ok, but these conditions seem to be more from an accounting/policy standpoint then a technical reason. But I appreciate the info.

The thing is an instance of my ghost incorrectly got added which then registered itself as an endpoint into Stripe. For a new member the webhooks failed which is expected. But for the previously working endpoint the webhooks failed with the 401 previously given. Since then I have deleted both endpoints and spun up another Docker instance and the end point is working (?) However, the previous events which failed are still tied to the old endpoint.

That’s the first thing.

But also what about 2 instance of the same site. Ie 2 containers running the same DB. Would this register it self twice in Stripe. And would the keys differ for both, therefor causing issues. This is another part I need to confirm. As there’s nothing I have found online around the HA side of Ghost,


It is precisely for a technical reason - conflicting requests and configuration - which is literally what you’re experiencing?

Not a lot else I have to add, unfortunately.

Ok if that’s the case then np. But that wraps up the multiple sites, single Stripe account. But what about multiple instances of the same site. In terms of running ghost in an HA based setup.

Hi @rickdonato
Hope you are doing well !

If you are still lookout for some help and having issue, I would be glad to help you out, as what you are wanting done is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on []

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Ok thanks. Based on the recommendation of using CDN caching, is there any recommendations of settings, http headers/cookies etc that needs to be defined to ensure the correct pages/assets are or are not cached. Thanks,

All GET requests can be cached except for /p/*, /members/*, and /ghost/*. Images can be cached for as long as you want, they won’t be changed by Ghost unless you manually edit image files on the server. For non-image pages/assets the cache policy depends on the site, you’d need to choose something that works for your use cases.

If you’re treating query params as non-unique assets then you’ll need an exception for ?v= query param so that cache-busting for theme assets works.

If you’re using members than you’ll want to skip caching for any requests with a ghost-members-ssr cookie.

Depending on your cache/cdn setup you could use the “Site changed” webhook to hit an endpoint that clears the cache each time a site content change is made.


Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.