Deploy Ghost Theme action is ignoring my built assets

I am using the Deploy Ghost Theme action to automatically deploy my theme when it’s updated on GitHub. I store my built assets in assets/dist. When I have this action enabled, my theme is successfully deployed to my production server, but the dist directory never comes along for the ride, which means none of my CSS, JS, or fonts are available.

I searched the documentation and the source code and I see no evidence that directories called dist are ignored by default. What am I missing?

Do you mean the assets are not deployed at all or just the css/js changes?
Can you check if your assets/dist is part of the github repo? (no gitignore)

It should be working, I have a similar setup and no issues.


Hah! It turns out it was being ignored by my .gitignore. Goodness…

Thank you. It is funny how you can miss the simplest things when you have been working long hours. :sweat_smile:

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