Deploy Ghost Theme Error

I’m trying to deploy an update of my Ghost theme (Casper 5.4.11) via GitHub. To my knowledge, everything is hooked up correctly, but it fails at the Deploy Ghost Theme part. I can’t figure out what it’s trying to tell me, so I thought I would ask here.

Ghost 5.0

Here is what the code dumps out.

api-url: ***
api-key: ***
/usr/bin/zip -r . -x .git .zip yarn npm* node_modules* *routes.yaml *redirects.yaml *redirects.json
adding: assets/ (stored 0%)
adding: assets/screenshot-desktop.jpg (deflated 28%)
adding: assets/screenshot-mobile.jpg (deflated 12%)
adding: assets/built/ (stored 0%)
adding: assets/built/casper.js (deflated 67%)
adding: assets/built/global.css (deflated 61%)
adding: assets/built/ (deflated 81%)
adding: assets/built/ (deflated 71%)
adding: assets/built/ (deflated 69%)
adding: assets/built/screen.css (deflated 79%)
adding: assets/js/ (stored 0%)
adding: assets/js/lib/ (stored 0%)
adding: assets/js/lib/imagesloaded.pkgd.min.js (deflated 68%)
adding: assets/js/lib/jquery.fitvids.js (deflated 60%)
adding: assets/js/infinite-scroll.js (deflated 66%)
adding: assets/js/dropdown.js (deflated 70%)
adding: assets/css/ (stored 0%)
adding: assets/css/global.css (deflated 69%)
adding: assets/css/screen.css (deflated 82%)
adding: partials/ (stored 0%)
adding: partials/icons/ (stored 0%)
adding: partials/icons/loader.hbs (deflated 47%)
adding: partials/icons/twitter.hbs (deflated 42%)
adding: partials/icons/fire.hbs (deflated 42%)
adding: partials/icons/lock.hbs (deflated 58%)
adding: partials/icons/search.hbs (deflated 31%)
adding: partials/icons/avatar.hbs (deflated 30%)
adding: partials/icons/rss.hbs (deflated 31%)
adding: partials/icons/facebook.hbs (deflated 44%)
adding: partials/post-card.hbs (deflated 70%)
adding: error.hbs (deflated 65%)
adding: (deflated 50%)
adding: default.hbs (deflated 66%)
adding: post.hbs (deflated 68%)
adding: index.hbs (deflated 64%)
adding: tag.hbs (deflated 65%)
adding: package.json (deflated 74%)
adding: error-404.hbs (deflated 51%)
adding: author.hbs (deflated 72%)
adding: LICENSE (deflated 41%)
adding: page.hbs (deflated 62%)
adding: podcast/ (stored 0%)
adding: podcast/rss.hbs (deflated 51%)
adding: gulpfile.js (deflated 67%)
“name”: “ValidationError”,
“context”: null,
“type”: “ValidationError”,
“details”: null,
“property”: null,
“help”: null,
“code”: null,
“id”: “071e4110-f577-11ed-b92d-913be407d5f9”,
“ghostErrorCode”: null

Ghost doesn’t allow you to upload other themes named Casper. Try renaming your theme in package.json to something else like casper-custom and running the action again.

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That got it. Thank you so much for your help!

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