Deploy Ghost to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Hi I would like to deploy a ghost CMS deployed on AWS Elastic Beanstalk and build a CI/CD pipeline .From searching the web , all the articles containing instructions on how to deploy ghost have been written at 2014 or 2016 . Surely ghost has changed since then and I tried using the exact steps but was unsuccessful.

I’m open to the a dockerized ghost deployment but may be more difficult considering that ghost probably needs a volume of some kind to persist data like images. Also we would want a stateful EBS ghost instance if were going to that route

I’ve been having the same issue, although I’m using Kubernetes. It gets really complicated because, although you can have the database and the images stored externally (using one of the storage adaptors), you always need to have some sort of persistent storage for the theme. This is fine, as you can simply bring those files into your docker image, but this removes the ability to upload themes from the GhostUI.

For the most part, the instructions actually haven’t changed much… The fundamental structure of Ghost hasn’t changed much, it’s just a Nodejs app. Try checking out the Ghost docker image as a starting point. If you can share more details on your issue perhaps I can help you as well.