Deploy Local Database & Images

When creating sites locally, what’s the best/easiest way to deploy databases and images? And how would I pull a database and images down from a live site to my local machine? The “Deploy Ghost Theme” action is nice, but it doesn’t move the database and/or images, does it?

I thought the migration options under “Labs” in the admin might be an option, but it looks like it’s data only, no images. And moving data back and forth that way would totally overwrite everything, correct?

Hey there, can I ask why you’re moving data back and forth so much? :slight_smile:

I’m not really moving the data back and forth that much, just trying to plan ahead. Let me rephrase… If I were to build out an entire site locally, how would I migrate the data and images to the live install?

After you upload the JSON file to your live site you can also upload the images folder in the content folder of your local install to the same directory on the live site :slight_smile:

Ah, so a simply SFTP transfer would work for self-hosted sites, but is possible to SFTP into sites hosted by Ghost? Trying to wrap my head around all the options here.

You can do it with Ghost(Pro) too. Either by contacting our support team, or by creating a zip file with the following structure:

├── content/
│   └── images/
│       └── images…
└── json/
    └── json_export.json

Hope that makes sense!

Then I would upload the zip with the images using the migration panel in the admin? Will it recognize the images or will that work with JSON only?

It works with zip files containing images as well as a single json file :slight_smile: