Switching Over From One Install to Another

Hello all, so I was recently switching over from one VPS to another. I, like a moron, forgot to download a backup of my Ghost install before the VPS was turned off (all data deleted). I do, however, have the original folder with all of the content in it etc, how am I able to upload that information to a new install of ghost? This is very urgent, and any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you very much,

I think that only images are saved in the files while the content sits in the database. So, if you don’t have the database anymore, you can only restore images from the files. You also have the theme in the content folder (if you modified that).

Now that I look into that content folder, you should also have some json’s, but I think there are only the content revisions and not the content itself.

What about the file ghost-local.db in the content folder? Also I’ve tried just dropping the entire folder in my VPS and starting ghost but it doesn’t work.

Ok update: So I’ve noticed that I have the ghost-local.db and while scrolling through that, it turns out all my data is in there. So is there a way I can just put that in my current brand new install? (I can figure out the images and themes I’m sure it’s just the content I’m mostly worried about).

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