Deploy to Azure

Hi guys…
I am new at this thing… so take it ease pls! :slightly_smiling_face:

I recently deployed a instance of ghost on a app service on Azure.
In order to do that I followed this post.

I used the deploy to Azure button from this repo.

Everything worked fine…
The thing is the company wants to use a mysql server as data base (not the one installed with the “one click deploy”)
In order to point this new datebase to my ghost instance, do I just need to change in my config.production.json and restart it?
I using the latest version of ghost.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hey @AlvaroJunior :wave:

Changing the database info in your config should work! I think you’re aware, but none of the data in your existing database will be copied to the new database by Ghost

Hey @vikaspotluri123
Thanks for answering!
Yes I am, at the meantime its not a big issue because we just started so, there is no content at all, apart from the standard one that comes with ghost.
But since you mentioned that, in order to do that, Would I just need to export the content, change the config file and import it again? is that how it works? thanks again!