Did I set my canonical URL correct?

Hello everybody,

I’m using Ghost 4.4.0 on Ubuntu 20.04 server. During the installation I’ve set my blog URL as https://mywebsite.com. I’ve successfully installed SSL cert via ghost-cli. My canonical URL is https://mywebsite.com. I issued an SSL cert for my www domain too and redirected it to my canonical URL.

The question is; if I run the command ghost status it prints me:

As you can see my URL begins with the prefix www. Is that a standart for ghost status command for all even if my canonical URL is non www url (https://mywebsite.com) or is there running something wrong?

It’s important for me because of the SEO purposes.

Thanks in advance, have a nice day.

I set my url to non www with the command:

Set url: ghost config url https://mywebsite.com
Restart ghost: ghost restart

Now it seems be okay, case closed