Digital Ocean & Mailgun EU test email error

Hi all,

Trying to get the email function working. I have the domain verified on Mailgun, the DNS records are also verified on Mailgun.

Added EU as the Mailgun region, and the Mailgun domain is set to:
and updated the Mailgun Private API key.

I have the config.production.json set to (and have restarted ghost):
“mail”: {
“transport”: “SMTP”,
“options”: {
“service”: “Mailgun”,
“host”: “”,
“port”: 587,
“secure”: false,
“auth”: {
“user”: “”,
“pass”: “…”
I have tried the secure set to “true” but still get “The server has encountered an error.” when I try to send a test email from a post.

Any thoughts as to what is set up wrong?

After messing repeatedly with the Mailgun settings and the config.production file, restarting ghost without success I tried one last thing. I powered down the droplet on Digital Ocean and then powered back up. Solved the issue I was having. Not sure why, but maybe worth a try if you are having similar issues.

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