Ghost and Mailgun EU Gotcha

Hello all

I’ve stumbled across a [not entirely] obvious cause of issues with Mailgun’s SMTP service. If you’re an EU user with Mailgun, you’ll need to specifically tell Ghost to use their EU server, thus:

"mail": {
"transport": "SMTP",
"options": {
  "service": "Mailgun",
  "host": "",
  "port": 587,
  "auth": {
    "user": "",
    "pass": "ssap"


Until I’d set the host value, the email test within the Labs feature didn’t work.
It seems that with Mailgun, you can only use the region you’ve assigned your account to.

Is there a way we can contribute this to the Ghost docs?


Hey @iamfinky,

Looks like we already have this in our docs, see the example here :thinking:. Were you referring to some different documentation?