Digital Ocean marketplace image might be broken

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Issue Summary
Using the Ghost marketplace image on digital ocean with a $6 droplet I using ubuntu 22.04 I made it all the way through the installation and ended up with an error message from MYSQL that ‘root’@‘localhost’ password was incorrect. I tried using the password in the .digitalocean file and it failed. I tried without a password and it failed. I researched how to take control of mysql and apparently this has changed with MYSQL8 and I could not find a way to get control of the root account on mysql.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. install the current droplet using a $6 image
  2. wait the 1/2 hour for the installation to finish
  3. add a valid dns host and email address
  4. get an error installing ghost that the root address in mysql has a bad password

Setup information

Ghost Version
Share which version of Ghost you’re using.

Node.js Version
what ever the current image is on digital ocean

How did you install Ghost?
I used the image provided by the ghost team to digital ocean

Provide details of your host & operating system
what ever the current image is on digital ocean

Database type
mysql 8

Browser & OS version
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Relevant log / error output
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