Direct mail works only with hotmail and yahoo

I tried the fastest solution using SMTP and Mailgun but nothing works,I switch into direct because it’s seems fine( al least works with hotmail and yahoo)

If you want help, you’ll need to ask a question and post details of your configuration and the specific error messages you are experiencing.

Already post all configuration, smtp direct mode.
What are the solutions or steps to send emails only for subscribers because it’ very important for the new users to post comments and receive the latest posts!

Not on this thread you didn’t. Don’t start new threads for the same problem, or at least link the old thread.

If you’re self hosting, please take a look for errors in the Ghost log and/or in your mailserver’s log (if you’re running one locally). I’d guess Google is blocking your emails because they think you’re spamming. This page I wrote (which is not exactly your problem, but talks about how to get Google to not bounce your mail as spam) might help: How I finally got Google to accept my contact form mail

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