Setting up personal gmail as support email in self-hosted

I wanted to setup my personal gmail as support email with self-hosted Ghost instance.

Screenshot 2021-04-24 173952

I have tried with another gmail accounts but it still doesn’t work, while it works with other domains, including those from google workspaces.

On Ghost(Pro) it works well.

I think there is something obvious I don’t see and couldn’t find :rofl: - I have programming knowledge but not huge when it comes to dns and emails. Does it demand additional configuration of DNS records or mailgun?
(I’m 17 btw.)

Could you help me?

Tech info

You need to edit the config.production.json file with the SMTP details. I wrote a post about it.

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The most likely issue is linked the blog post from Most Google Accounts don’t have SMTP enabled, you have to enable the “less secure apps”.

I also suggest just configuring an email client to see if it lets you use the SMTP service before even using it with ghost. If SMTP functionality isn’t working then it’s not a ghost issue but a gmail issue to resolve. Once you have confirmed that SMTP works, then see if you can configure ghost to use it.

That being said, if you’re using the subscription model, I believe mailgun is REQUIRED. Just a fair warning before you get too far ahead with this.

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True. Post sendouts (newsletter) needs to be done using MailGun. For transactional email, any SMTP provider is fine.

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Thank you both very much.
I’m going to check it in few days.

So do you mean If I want newsletter replies to go to another email than this is the responsibility of mailgun config?
Actually I’ve managed to forward emails from noreply (which is default and I cannot change) to my mail :rofl:

No, you don’t have to - but not doing it through MailGun means you need to use an email provider that’s whitelisted for bulk emails. That’s how I understand the reasoning behind the MailGun integration. A normal address such as is usually not set up for bulk.