Disable logs globally

Hi, How can I disable Ghost from logging? It’s crazy the amount of space it consumes. Somehow, Every time I post something my /dev/xvda1 7.7G 7.0G 779M 91% gets full and full and increases… and it’s all ghost. Today the web went down because I posted a simple post and it ran out of space.

What triggers ghost to increase such size? Where can I disable it?

Thank you

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Take a look at your configured logging transports:

Thanks for the help, on the doc you refereed me doesn’t says how to turn it off but rathere, sort of where:

This is what I have:

 "logging": {
    "transports": [

The question here is how to turn off logs completely, not even display errors or at least delete them after a while. Also, where are these logs located?

Thank you

If you want to completely get rid of logs, set the transports to none ([]). As far as I’m aware, the default file logging configuration has rotation enabled, meaning it only stores the last 10 days of logs. These logs are going to be in the content/logs folder of your installation.

I have to check, maybe I’m blaming Ghost and it’s something else, but on that server I only have the blog. I’ll get back when I analyze it. Thanks for the help