Ghost logging in development mode (view stdout of node process)


I installed Ghost locally on macOS, using sqlite3 database, and am developing a theme.
There is a {{log}} helper which I tried to use, but then I realized that I do not actually have a log. ghost start runs Ghost process in the background, and that’s it. There is no access to the stdout and the log does not go to the log/ directory because it’s not in production mode. ghost log outputs nothing.

What do I do? How do I see the node output? I know on Windows it spawns a separate “node” window where I can see the stdout. But here I am at complete loss.



Did you change your logging config? I installed on my MacOS yesterday using ghost local and I see logs when using ghost log or when looking in the content/logs directory.

In my config.development.json I have logging config:

"logging": {
    "transports": [

Which shows the logs go to both stdout and file - I don’t see the logs directly on the console because stdout is piped elsewhere, but I see them in the file.


I did a fresh install as well and noticed that the logs directory was missing in content/. I created it in the original installation and the logs appeared.
Thank you for the nudge in the right direction: all this time I was looking at current/content/logs.

Would be good to have a warning in ghost log when there is no directory.

I still don’t see the {{log this}} output in the log for some reason, though…


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