Discrepancies between Plausible and Cloudflare

Hey all! Lately we’ve been using Plausible Analytics and Cloudflare Analytics to try to get a better sense of where our users come from and how they interact with us. The problem is, they’re giving totally different numbers.

They agree that most of our users are from the US, and that Canada sends about 1/8 as many, but that’s about where they stop. According to Cloudflare we’re pulling in lots of traffic from Mongolia, China, and Singapore, whereas Plausible puts those numbers at about 1/10. It also gives figures about 10-20x higher for visits from the UK and India, and in general seems more aligned with my intuitions about how many of our users are from each country.

Is anyone else on Plausible and Cloudflare seeing similar kinds of discrepancies? Or does anyone know why we might get such radically different figures? Specifically, I’m comparing Plausible’s Unique Visitors and Cloudflare’s Web Traffic Requests, but I can’t quite believe that our Mongolian users just happen to be that much more prolific in their usage.