How to analyse your blog's traffic and understand your users

Understanding your users is crucial to learn what your audience is interested in.

There are a few key statistics that you need to have in order to analyse your traffic.

How do you know what pages are the most visited? how many time your users stay? Where they click? Who they are (with RGPD compliance)? Where they come from and where they go?

Sure you can use tools like Google Analytics but it’s not very clear and understandable and it’s missing a lot of key information.

You can use other tools like Hotjar but you might pay for things you don’t need and have an interface that is not straightforward and beginner-friendly.

SimpleAnalytics and Fanthom analytics are also meant to be simple solutions but they are missing some key statistics.

That’s why I created Sleek Analytics. It’s the most simple and straightforward platform to get analytics about your website.

It’s simple and beginner-friendly yet it has everything you need.

I’m a blogger myself and I tested many tools so I know exactly what you need and what you want.

You want something simple, easy to understand and with useful insights that you can work on to improve your conversion and understand your users.

If you want a more detailed presentation, check out:

And finally, if you want to see how to integrate it on your Ghost website: How to integrate Sleek Analytics to - Sleek Analytics - Medium

I’m open to suggestions to improve the solution so feel free to reach out to me or leave a comment :slightly_smiling_face: