Display page content inside of a tag template

Hi everyone,

I come here with a problem that i know it’s simple but i can’t find a solution.

On my blog I have different main tags for some of my posts. I would like to add content to these page than the default title and description.

Firstly i started to create some pages with more content which would display posts and the tag would redirect their own url to the page URL. Works fine to Google.

But I think there is a more beautiful way to do this. So i would like to know if :

  • it is possible to display the content of my pages with a {{#get}} ? Or,

  • it is possible to create a dynamic route with loading data for each of my tags as explain in this doc ?

Thank You in advance

Guilhem Delachapelle

Not sure I fully understand you. Do you want to add content to the tag archive page, giving each tag archive page a more detailed description? If so, you can do that by editing the tag in Ghost admin. You can add description, add a featured tag image and change the data for Twitter and Facebook.

Or do you mean something else?

What i mean is quite close to that but the description block doesn’t allow to write a lot of words with complex layouts as images, embedded content etc.

I would to have a page which act as a tag page and delete the tag page, or redirect it to improve the semantic for Google.

Ah, okay. I get it. Nothing that I have done so far.

I believe if you’re using any theme or are willing to fork a theme and have your own local changes you can do anything you like. I’m currently using a specialized ‘Home’ page that lets me drop in any type of html/CSS and content I’d like. The down side is that it won’t be exposed via the CMS. As long as the page is just pulling the norma tags I believe what you’re asking is perfectly doable.

If I understand, I should write my text directly in the code ?

Precisely, what I want to do is to use the CMS to gain more time in the future and add more pages in seconds.

My solution for the moment is to force redirection from tags with URL /tag/categeoryname to my page which will be /categoryname. For google it’s the same and i can use the CMS powerful function to display posts etc.

But i’m sure there is a more “beautiful way” to do that