How to show Posts on Pages?

Hello all,

I am very sorry for that super-stupid question. I am new to Ghost and struggling with something so easy that I presume, that I have a serious misunderstanding:

I create a page - done
I create a tag - done
I create a post and tag it - done
How to show the tagged post on the page I created?
Do I need to add some content field or so?

(Sorry again for so stupid question :pleading_face: … and many thanks for answer…)

Best Regards

There’s actually a lot of ways to accomplish, but the simplest, out-of-the-box solution is to visit On that page, you’ll find all the posts with a particular tag. For example, if you tag a post “Getting Started,” then the post will show up on

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Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Where can I find a description of the other ways you mentioned? I did not find them in the help area so far.

As mentioned, you can use tags to display multiple posts on a page:

You can also use custom routing to build collections and channels:

Finally, you can build custom templates with the {{#get}} helper to pull in posts and display them on a page:


@TheRoyalFig: Many thanks for the time to help me out.
Now it is my turn :wink:.

Regards from Germany

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Andy – I understand it is basic. It seems you are still disoriented, can you describe your circumstances any more clearly? I understand how easily it can be confused…

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Jen - many thanks for asking. I am putting together a list what I have in mind :wink:.

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Great Andy – if you can share a pertinent, specific URL on your site that shows or demonstrates your question, it is even more helpful!

Password: Andy

Dear Jen, dear Ryan,

thank you for asking again. The forum here is super, very appreciative.
As promised, here are the topics I am dealing with. Very briefly about the background: I am not a software developer, but quite tech-savvy. My wife wants to create a business blog & communication platform to earn money with it as well. It’s about the subject of business efficiency, but based on sustainable health. Because without mental and physical health no performance, neither in business nor in personal life. We like to support people in managing their health while they are very busy at work and at home.
Ghost is perfect for that and we have a lot of great ideas that we want to implement step by step.
So I installed Ghost on DigitalOcean and bought and installed a very appealing theme from our point of view.
It’s important for us to put our focus on the content and less on the technology itself, because that’s not one of our strengths. Now I had to learn that even Ghost is not completely without programming, as soon as you need something that is not included in the standard. I also had to learn that Ghost and the theme behave differently on different browsers.

Concrete subjects are:

  • If there are 500+ posts in the future, how to present them in an appealing way that they can be found easily and nicely? A pure link is certainly not the right thing to do.
  • After the SignIn, members should be able to mark posts for easier future retrieval.
  • The Burger menu works fine on iPhone under Chrome, but not under Safari. This seems to be a theme bug.
  • In the theme the Burger menu is only shown as a small window, how do you get it to be fullscreen?
  • We need German/English multilingual support with toggle button in the Menu (everything needs to be translated, so website and the posts).
  • We need support for LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Posts should be able to be exported as pdf or printed nicely.
  • The footer of the theme needs to be changed. This can be done in the footer.hbs, but how? This will end up in a try&error game… :slightly_smiling_face:

  • How to replace writing with icons at for example „Contact", „About", „SignIn".
  • On the pages I created, the titles are not displayed. I have not found the reason for this yet.
  • So far I can only display the posts on the page that can be found at Wockee - Private Site Access. It is possible to display posts on other (nicely designed) pages also, but how do I do that?
  • The posts must look visually all the same, there you can create a template, but how does this work?
  • How to create Templates for the pages (as they should look all the same)
  • Then there is the question if it is not better to work with an external markdown editor instead of the internal one. To concentrate on writing and managing the information, a website doesn’t seem suitable to me.
  • Last, and this is not just a Ghost question, how to manage the information you create. There is software like Roam, Notion, Ulysses, etc. does that make sense?

Questions upon questions.
These are my actual current subjects :grinning:

Maybe the best thing for me to do is to find someone to implement this for me, that we can quickly take care of developing the content

Especially the multilingualism is mentioned here in the forum several times as non-trivial.

In any case, I am very thankful for any advice that pushes me in the right direction.

Thank you very much, greetings from Germany and all the best for you :smiling_face:

Lots of questions here :smile:

If there are problems with the theme that you purchased, I would reach out to the developer and ask them for support. For example, the hamburger menu button should work out of the box.

Since you have so many changes, I would also see if the developer could customize the theme for you, as much of what you want to do is web development work.

Will you share which theme you’re using?

In terms of composing posts, it depends on your workflow. I will often just pen everything right in the Ghost editor. It works really well and then I don’t have the pain of transferring content from one platform to another.

That being said, I also sometimes begin in Notion and copy things over. That goes well, too. It’s really just finding what works best for you.

As you mentioned, though, it’s really the content that should be the star. Ideally, you can just start publishing and let the theme worry about the concerns you listed. Regardless, Ghost has some great resources for content creators if you haven’t seen them: Ghost Resources — Stories & Ideas About Indie Publishing

Dear Ryan,

sure lots of questions - questions are the nearest way to wisdom :wink:.
The Hamburger Menu topic has been solved by the developer already.

Many thanks for your comment about customizing,
I will start to look for a guy who can customize my theme.

The Theme I am using has beem written by Dan Rowden:

Again, many thanks for your answers…

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Hi T-Rex,

I have the same question as you when using Ghost. It’s so weird that a Page doesn’t contain many posts (based on “categories”, Ghost described as “tag”). After I asked my friend, he helped me:

  1. download the routes.yaml (inside Settings)
  2. open it with any text editor, I used Notepad
  3. under the word “routes:” type this or copy-paste and change it with yours pages/categories

/content-marketing/: —> my page slug, change it with yours
controller: channel
filter: tag:[content-marketing] ----> my category, change it with yours

  1. Save and Upload, done!

I hope it can help you!

Dear Nguyen Hong An,

many thanks for your useful answer …
I am also doing Baby-Steps forward :relaxed:

Best Regards