Displaying number of members to public on a membership page (Like Steady, Ghost alternative)

We’re looking to build a crowdfunding style barometer of memberships (and funds) to encourage users to sign up, as our newsletter is tied to a non-profit social mission. A little like Steady (membership tool) offers - Example:

Is there any way to get this information from the Ghost API? Or anywhere else? For us, the total paid members would be amazing, we’re not looking to break down by tiers for now.

We’ve also looked at:

Our site: Membership

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Also following this! Have a feeling it could be theme specific. What theme are you working with? Have you had any luck finding the answer?

Thanks everyone!

No luck yet I’m afraid. This example is from a different memberships tool (Steady - Steady – People-Powered Media)

For now, we have built a ‘crowdfunder’ which we’ve put in the theme files. And I’m updating it manually with a code injection in the footer of the site:

The code is from here: https://codepen.io/robotballoon/pen/MWqmvM

This isn’t scaleable but is working for now - a future long term solution would be really useful.