Display the number of members

Is it possible to display the number of members currently subscribed? I haven’t seen it anywhere on this forum yet. I want something along the lines of what Rediverge had, but with the actual subscriber count.




I want to display total number of members on the front page… these should be a {{@labs.members.count}} or something to do this?


Is this something that is possible right now?

I am hoping to show the number of members on the sign up page (as a validation mechanism), which will help folks overcome some friction.

I’ve been trying to do this as well. No luck so far.

I’ll let you know when I find the solution :+1:


@kym @ahmadajmi Any idea ? We would like to display something counting the number of members, a bit like in the below screen shot but with the actual number of members and not the number of paid posts :

Not yet.


This is not yet possible. Thanks @Stromfeldt for sharing the GitHub issue!.

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Another plus one to this idea.

I too would love to show the number of members on the home page as social proof


potentially in an email card along the lines of “Welcome to the XXX people who joined since last week. If you got sent this email sign up here.”

Is there a way to move this to the ideas’ section so it can get upvotes?!

There’s a paid service called Tolta that is able to do this for you. So it seems to me this is somehow possible to achieve.


And it’s free for one counter