Do you have any ghost theme design idea?

Hello friends I would like to build a free ghost theme based on popular demand kindly reply with your ghost theme design idea…

My ghost blog -

@Samisami I would like to help! And I have an idea…

It would be fun to create one theme that includes (each as options in the config which can be enabled/disabled through header code injection) the “best of” all of the cool and useful extra features (i.e. by adding javascripts/jQuery) we can find that other developers have contributed/included in existing themes to date.

An online “configurator” could also be provided where users could select any combination of these features/components and download the theme pre-built with their chosen features, or at least so they could download the header injection code to enable those specific features.

For example - here are some I’ve found (everyone please add to this list):

  • Carousel

  • Table of Contents

  • Site Search (choice of Ghost Search or Ghost Hunter)

  • Secondary Navigation

  • Light/Dark Mode Toggle

  • Reading Progress Bar

  • Tag Hover Button

  • Author Hover Button

  • Lots of Custom Post/Page Templates selectable in the editor (i.e. custom-post-with-TOC.hbs, custom-authors-archive.hbs, custom-tags-archive.hbs)

There are so many more!

As a starting theme, perhaps it would be wise to use the “Casper” theme so it can be most easily updated as Casper evolves?

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Absolutely Love this !

Here are some examples of developers starting this concept:

And here is a modified version of Fizzy I did recently, I call “Vanilla”:

Vanilla Theme

I had already put up a site (we could use that for development and showcase) for this intended purpose at

I would welcome adding any input or ideas.

Cool bro! Let’s roll

@Samisami can you please PM me your email address so I can send you an Invite to Author on that site?

Update – got it – Invite sent…