Template for professional figures

Hi everyone,

I already opened the same topic about 1 year ago, but maybe it’s a little old to bring it up again.

I’m still looking for professional templates, even paid ones obviously.

I understand that Ghost is blog oriented, but in my opinion some professional proposals in the marketplace would be good.

It would be interesting to have proposals similar to these:

P…s I am not the author of these themes, I only linked them to make it clearer what I mean.

wouldnt be too tough to find a theme close to what youre looking for, and modify it to your preference. or if youre looking for some custom development for yourself this might be a good spot to find a developer to sign a contract with to develop the website for you

thank you for your suggestion.

I was actually hoping to find some company that has already developed something similar to what I’m looking for

so I could buy the license immediately.

Maybe it already exists and I haven’t been able to find it.

Because Ghost doesn’t have a drag and drop builder, it’s going to be tough for a theme provider to provide landing pages that look like your examples and are editable within the Ghost editor.

Hello @giacomosilli ,

The links you shared are doable in Ghost. But since it does not provide a drag-and-drop builder, you must change these in the custom settings.

Ghost suggests keeping custom settings to a maximum of 15. If we try to use more custom settings, it will show an error. However, it will not limit the theme functionality in any way.

As far as I know, there are no Ghost themes similar to your reference links. It needs custom development.

As a Ghost theme developer, I can develop a theme for your use case if you have a Figma or any layout files or images.

I am not sure what happened here but I’d like to talk to you about customer theme dev.

Thanks for the replies, but I’m looking for a theme to buy and then modify myself