Does anyone know how to add "negative" keywords on ghosthunter

Hello, i am using Ghosthunter 0.4.0 on my Ghost website. I would like to configure it to ignore certain keyword from the title, description and meta data. So it would not return anything when this specific word is being written on the search box.

This is a github gist of the relevant ghosthunter code i am using on my website: ghosthunter.js

Any ideas.

Hey! Is it possible to control when ghosthunter starts looking? you could use .includes to check an array of omitted words:

const omittedWords = ["my", "omitted", "words"];

if (omittedWords.includes(document.querySelector('input').value)) {
    // don't do it!
} else {
    // Begin searching…

I realise this is kind of pseudo code, but it might be good inspiration for stopping ghosthunter from searching strings you don’t want people searching for