Help Needed: Adding Favicon to Google Search and Fixing Article Links

Hey fellow Ghost users,

I’m running into a couple of issues with my Ghost website and could use your expertise to solve them:

Issue 1: Adding a Favicon to Google Search I’m looking for guidance on how to add a favicon to my website so that it appears in Google Search results. Can someone provide step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this?

Issue 2: Article Links Not Directing to the Right Page When people find my articles on Google and click on them, they end up on my homepage rather than the specific article they were looking for. How can I ensure that clicking on an article in search results takes users directly to that article?

I’d really appreciate your help and insights on these matters. Thanks a lot!

Please edit your post and title to focus on one question and create a second post for your second unrelated question. Thanks.

You should be able to get Google to pick up your site’s images. Just make sure you upload images under /ghost > settings (gear in lower left) > design > site-wide (accordion on left side). Ghost will include your images on each page in the schema, and Google should pick them up. You can also check your meta data under /ghost > settings > general

When i search up the site on google there is no favicon in the google search. Only a stock one that looks like a globe.

So did you set up the images I listed above? How long ago?

Maybe 5 days ago. You se there is no favicon right now.

Right - if you see it when you inspect the page code, then you’re waiting in the Google bot.

Where should i look for the code?

The logo is there now but i still get to the home page when i press on one of the googled articles

What does Google Search Console show? Does it have the page you think /should/ be the result actually indexed? Does it have it ‘discovered’ but not indexed?

If you don’t have your site set up in Google Search Console yet, you should. It can be super informative.