Does ghost reduces the quality of an image after being uploaded?

I am uploading images for example at 22kb and after being uploaded through the ghost admin its size is 16kb, so i am wondering if ghost “optimizes” images in some way.

Does anybody know about this?

Hi @lmuzquiz! Yes, Ghost optimizes images by default. You can read more about the configuration and how it works here:

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Thanks, i tried to find that first but could not find anything on the documentation search. I will read that. Thanks.

I think the 80% quality image optimization explanation is ambiguos. Clarification needs to be made. Does the image is compressed 80% (100kb x .2 = 20kb) or does the uploaded image will have 80% of the original quality? (100kb x .8 = 80kb).

Please include a detailed description of your changes and provide before/after screenshots if applicable.

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The image is compressed to (not by) 80% quality

JPEG quality compression and filesize do not scale linearly, which might be a cause of confusion for how much we’re compressing the images! This can give you an idea of how varied the filesize is from the compression